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Por: Impulso Al Crecimiento  10/09/2011
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The “Maquila or PITEX” industry in Mexico operates in a duty-free environment, Impulse has been granted the same status that we can share with you to distribute your products and provide fulfillment services under the same status.

Impulse offers you the options of:

  • Receiving materials in the US Border at our staging centers
  • Processing In-bond shipments without avoiding the expense of bonded warehouses or extra costs
  • Exporting your US materials as exporter of record

  • Importing in Mexico as Importers of Record under duty-free options
  • Importing in Mexico as Importers of Record under duty-paid options

  • Express importation for air shipments

  • Transferring to your customers maquila or PITEX permits
  • Shipping into special Automotive Free Trade Zones in Mexico

  • Customs disposal of rejected materials

  • Export to any place in the world

Impulse in Mexico has been granted:

  • Maquila distribution permit
  • Revision at origin for special border treatment
  • Border Trading Company for reduced tariff into border zones
  • Certified Enterprise status by the General Customs Administration Office
  • Defense Ministry special import permits such for explosives used in the auto safety industry

Let us know your needs and we will build on our experience and relationships to create your perfect solution

Palabras clave: Almacenaje, Consultoría En Administración

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