Black Polyimide Film (similar to Kapton CB MTB)

Black Polyimide Film (similar to Kapton CB MTB) desde Polyimide film (similar to Kapton HN)

Por: Polyimide film (similar to Kapton HN)  09/10/2014
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Black Polyimide Film (similar to Kapton CB MTB) 1)BY Black Polyimide Film has the heating-resistant, radiation resistance, stable chemical react. Moreover, it also has the performance of excellent mechanical property, thermal conductive, electromagnetic wave shielding, it is best material for black heat-resistant tape and black cover lay. 2)BX Black Polyimide Film is strictly controlled of the surface resistivity, with the performance of anti-static, excellent heat conductivity, heat resistant, chemical stability, radiation resistant and EMI shielding, It is applied in module binding for LCD, anti-static tape, anti-static shielding. 3)BL Black Polyimide Film is high insulating material, the electric breakdown strength is more than 5KV/mil, It also can make into be matt, according to the requirement. It is applied in insulation tape and other insulation equipment. 4)HT Black Polyimide Film is electrically conductive film for heating applications. The surface resistivity is well controlled, As heating film, it has performance with radiation resistant, endurable to aging, flexible, untwist impatient, light material, long-asting, used as protect component for heating, heat protection, Heater, heating facility for automotive, health care, agriculture, aerospace, consumer electronics. Thickness: 12.5um~150um. Working temperature: 260°C~400°C Web: Email: [email protected] Tel :+86-139-61986280 Fax : +86-515-88430696

Palabras clave: Black Polyimide Film, Cables, Discos Duros, Equipo De Computo, Hn Fn Cr Kapton Polyimide Film, Impresoras Portátiles, Instalacion De Redes, Insulation, Mantenimiento De Computadoras, Ordenadores Portátiles, Polyimide adhesive tape, Polyimide Film Tape,

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polyimide film used for insulation in motor, electrical apparatus and wrapping of cable and magnet wire, heater manufacture etc.