Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta Tours, Activities, Ecotours

Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta Tours, Activities, Ecotours desde Explora Vallarta

Por: Explora Vallarta  19/11/2009
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Whale Watching will surely be one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of your life shared with us. In winter, November through March, we invite you to be part of this exciting adventure. You will explore Banderas Bay Sea on board of a boat where Explora Vallarta’s biologists will guide you around the natural habitat of these magnificent cetaceans – (Megaptera novaeangliae).

You will discover the different behaviors of these beautiful animals, including jumps and fin movements. You will also see mothers playing with their calves, and be able to listen to these animals’ enigmatic chants. Our biologists will explain to you each one of these interesting aspects about their biology, migration, and feeding, flirting and breeding behaviors. While you enjoy this activity it is really possible to see turtles, dolphins, killer whales, marine birds and friendly giant stingrays.

By being part of this adventure you will contribute to continue searching about these mammals and participate in the development of a photo-identification catalogue.

Be part of this tour that will mean an experience you will always remember.


A four-hour whale watching tour.
Professional guidance (Marine biologists and naturalists).
Certificated boat-captain on board.
Continental breakfast (fruit, bread, coffee, juice and water).
Non-alcoholic drinks.


Cap or hat.
Medicine in case of any sea-illness.

Adults      $43 USD                  
                    $560  PESOS
Children: $33 USD                  
                    $430 PESOS                 

Lasting time:  4 hours.approx.  
Availability Sunday through Saturday  

Morning schedules:
Departure:  9:00am
Return:         1:00pm  

Afternoon schedule:
Departure:   1:30pm
Return           5:30pm   

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