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cremation equipment,cremator,cremation machine,cremation,crematory equipment,crematorium equipment desde nanfang cremation machine

Por: nanfang cremation machine  13/06/2010
Palabras clave: equipos de cremación

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We manufactured cremation furnaces since 1970 and focus has always been on first-class quality. Many our cremator last for more than 30 years, and some even over 35 years.

The cremator machine main burning and post-combustion chamber is built in high-temperature resistant refractory.Through many layers of isolation material as well as recovery of heat, an economic operation can be achieved, as well as a low temperature on the cover plates.

For many years our furnaces have been equipped with post-combustion chamber, which is absolutely essential for reduction of the hydrocarbons present. 

The micro processor and touch screen
A microprocessor with electronic boards controls the regulation of temperature, air supply, draught regulation and smoke density. The computer panel has clear symbols to ensure an easy operation.

Energy saving construction
Due to heavy refractory walls and very efficient heat insulation, successive cremations can normally be made without additional heat from the burner. The combustion air is preheated to a very high temperature from the heat stored in the refractory during the first stage of the cremation cycle. The preheated air speeds up the combustion process and prevent decrease of chamber temperature.

Environmental requirements
Automatic control normally results in flue gases without smoke and odour. Any potential increase in smoke is automatically detected and the air increased so that waste gases are completely combusted at a sufficiently high temperature to eliminate odours.

Safe and silent
A sophisticated security system gives a complete protection against occupational accidents. The noise level is very low. The automatic control maintains a slightly negative pressure in the cremation chamber and thereby prevents any unpleasant smell in the crematory room. Low outlet velocity from the cremation chamber prevents fly ash from mixing with the waste gases.

Palabras clave: equipos de cremación

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