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Por: nanfang cremation machine  14/03/2010
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 Our cremation System represents the very latest in cremation industry technology. Designed to provide fully automated operation, the 6000 serial is fast, fuel efficient cremator.AUTOMATIC OPERATION - The self-monitoring control system simplifies the cremation process, shutting itself off upon completion of the cycle. NO SMOKE -This feature effectively consumes and destroys smoke and odor from the cremation process. HYDRAULIC LOADING TABLE - Conveniently allows one person to safely and easily load the case into the chamber, coolers, coaches and vans. POLLUTION MONITORING SYSTEM - Automatically checks and regulates stack emissions.QUIET OPERATION -Our unique design allows operation without disturbing other services. RETRIEVAL SYSTEM - Retrieval of cremated remains is safe and quick with the convenient external collection hopper. OPERATING CONTROLS -  Touch screen monitor which replaces the customary lights, buttons and switches with a cleaner, more streamlined operator control. CREMATION CHAMBER FLOOR - Unique "Hot Hearth" design eliminates fluid runoff and minimizes fuel consumption. INSULATING THICKNESS - we use material that can supply longest lasting refractory and highest thermal efficiency. LOADING DOOR - Self-locking, self-sealing door opens and closes at the push of a button. EASY INSTALLTION- Installation is made easy as our units are fully modularized. Once the machine has been off loaded and the stack and utilities hooked-up, out factory personnel provide a free start-up and training service.

Palabras clave: cremación humana, equipos de cremación, incinerador humanos, Quemador,

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