ALUMINIUM STAIR TOWER by Efesto Production

ALUMINIUM STAIR TOWER by Efesto Production desde Efesto Production

Por: Efesto Production  17/11/2016
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ALUMINIUM STAIR TOWER Stair tower scaffolding and rolling scaffold! Efesto, constantly attentive to the needs of operators in the field, proposes the aluminum stair tower. The Efesto’s stair tower, all-aluminum, is the ideal solution for a comfortable and safe climbing on scaffolding can be used as a valid and independent access stairs to temporary or permanent structures also exits at middle floors. Intermediate exits create safe access to all work plans. At high altitude this stairway-ramp helps the work of operators, facilitating the the handling of manual loads and related work tools. Authentic ramp with stairway structure is strong, presents steps to wide tread with no skip surface: Quick and easy to assemble can be combined to any type of multidirectional scaffolding and / or rolling scaffold. Depending on the type of use the scaffolding stair tower is anchored to the building and is in compliance with current safety standards For more info:

Palabras clave: Aluminium Stair Tower, building access, caffolding stair tower, Efestos staicases, efestos tower staircases, luminium staircase tower, scaffolding access, Stairwell Access,

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