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Por: SUPERKRETE - Comercializadora SKM, S.A. de C.V.  23/10/2015
Palabras clave: Limpieza Industrial, Materiales Para Construcción, Pisos De Concreto

Super-Krete practices being as environmentally responsible as possible in every aspect of our business. Using Super-Krete products and systems can contribute to points under the LEED Certifi cation system. How do Super-Krete products and their installation make for a “greener” environment? Super-Krete uses recycled and recyclable materials. Most of Super-Krete’s manufacturing is performed manually and does not require as much energy resource consumption as many other manufacturing processes. Super-Krete recycles all paper materials, pallets, and containers. Additionally, electronic data interchange is being implemented. Comprised primarily of sand, cement and water, Super-Krete is comprised of some of the most long-lasting construction material elements on earth. Our sand is mined and delivered from relatively local resources. Our cement is manufactured relatively close as well. Super-Krete ready-mix products are 50 lb. bags containing sand, cement and non-toxic chemical additives that allow each product to be installed in different methods (1/8” overlay, thin-set, 1/4” overlay, spray texture, patching, etc.) and are used as a protective, decorative coating over existing concrete in both horizontal and vertical applications (commercial, industrial, residential, interior and exterior). Super-Krete extends the life of concrete structures and slabs everywhere. Rather than removing concrete (which releases toxins into the air we breathe, requires heavy equipment and natural resources to perform and fi lls up our landfi lls) Super-Krete restores existing concrete and extends its life which in turn saves our resources and environment. Super-Krete Color Stains - are waterbased, non-toxic and environmentally friendly coloring products for existing concrete. Use of waterbased materials to enhance surfaces is the economical and environmentally friendly way to color concrete over other hazardous methods such as acid staining and use of color hardeners or dust-on color. They are non-acid, non-reactive products that do not contain heavy chemicals found in acid stains. They require only the use of water for clean up, keep storm drains clean and free of contaminants and are non-toxic. Super-Krete Heavy Duty Degreaser – is a biodegradable, industrial cleaner and degreaser that contains less than 10 g/l VOC’s making it environmentally safe and green. This product provides easy maintenance without the use of harsh chemicals or acids. It effectively removes all common oils, greases and other contaminants found on concrete and other surfaces. Super-Krete Sealers - complete all Super-Krete installations by providing a non-porous surface fi nish that protects and enhances the fi nished application. Super-Krete sealers have low VOC’s under 100 g/l and they contribute to less maintenance and repair as a restorative application. Super-Krete reduces use of key resources and is user friendly - Using Super-Krete overlay systems is the cost effective alternative to the removal and replacement of concrete. Super- Krete-ing concrete surfaces does not require the use of special heavy equipment, energy resources and fuel. Using the Super-Krete system eliminates the need for construction and demolition debris being disposed of in landfi lls. It also minimizes site disturbance, including earthwork and clearing vegetation. Our system helps maintain existing natural areas that would be consumed in the removal and replacement process. Our system also eliminates the need to produce more concrete, steel and rebar.

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