What basic features are the electric butterfly valves

Por: Valmax Valve Co.,Ltd.  13/08/2013
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Electric butterfly valve and valve products is not the same, this valve is the use of advanced design concept, has been greatly improved, in the product structure. Now, electric butterfly valve has been widely used, very good here, we are mainly to share the basic characteristics of the product under the electric butterfly valve the:1 electric butterfly valve but from the whole mechanism is relatively simple, its weight is light, material is less, in order to cater to the most industries use, electric butterfly valve design size is relatively small, so in the installation and use of time is also more convenient.2 electric butterfly valve in the fluid control and shut down the seal is also very good, through the use of electric butterfly valve can quickly transport slurry, thus effectively reducing the amount of accumulated liquid pipe. If it is in the low pressure environment, electric butterfly valve sealing performance can be fully reflected, it can be adjusted according to the environment.3 electric butterfly valve is a streamlined design, this design can reduce the resistance loss of the fluid, thus saving energy, makes the electric butterfly valve can be widely used in many fields.In addition, electric butterfly valve also uses a through rod structure, the media processing is relatively good, but also has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Thus, the characteristics of the product electric butterfly valve is very much, this is now the electric butterfly valve is used so widely.

Palabras clave: Butterfly Valves, Valves

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