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Por: Havit Steel Structure Co.,Ltd  16/11/2015
Palabras clave: Shed, Steel Structure Building Shed Workshop

1)Steel Structure Warehouse is better than traditional architecture can meet the requirements of construction are better meet the requirements of large bays separated by flexible, and by reducing the cross-sectional area of the column, increase the area of utilization, effective use of area increases by about 6%. 2)Steel Structure Warehouse energy saving effect is good, the wall using light energy saving standardized C steel, square steel, sandwich board, heat preservation performance is good, good anti-seismic. Energy saving 50%. 3)Steel Structure Warehouse can give full play to the good ductility of steel structure and plastic deformation ability , it has excellent aseismic performance, wind resistance greatly increased the safety and reliability of the building,especially in the case of earthquake, typhoon disaster, steel structure warehouse can avoid disruptions to the collapse of buildings 4)Steel structure warehouse with the advantage of light weight , steel structure approximately half of the concrete structure, can greatly reduce the cost 5) Steel Structure Warehouse Quickly construction , shorten at least a third period than the traditional building system, 1000m2 steel warehouse only 20 days before completion, five workers.

Palabras clave: Shed, Steel Structure Building Shed Workshop

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