Safety Relief Valve

Por: Hydraulic Control Company DE  28/10/2014
Palabras clave: Safety Relief Valve, Pressure Relief Valves,

HSRV-F16D Hydraulic Relief valves consist of one-way valve, electromagnetic directional valve and emergency valve. Electromagnetic directional valve circuit control switch installed at the bottom of the driver's seat. Once drivers leave the seat, the control source of the electromagnetic directional valve will be cut off the oil falling ways for the mast of fork truck will be locked. The role of the emergency valve is ensuring the safety of the goods or operations when the electromagnetic directional valve failure or control source failure, drivers can loosen the lock nut on the outer end of the emergency valve. The emergency valve contra rotate 1 - 2 laps, and the lift cylinder can goes down the forklift or goods on the ground slowly for the goods of transfers and repair.

Palabras clave: Pressure Relief Valves, Safety Relief Valve,

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