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About BusinessVibes

BusinessVibes is a rapidly growing B2B networking platform for global trade professionals. BusinessVibes uses a social networking model for businesses to find and connect with international partner companies. With a network of over 2000 trade associations, 1 million companies and 5000+ business events across 75 major industries and 125 countries, BusinessVibes is a decisive source to companies looking for international business partners, be they clients, suppliers, JV partners, or any other type of business contact.

BusinessVibes is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has offices in London, Bangalore and Beijing.

Why Use BusinessVibes?

BusinessVibes can help you:

  • Contact potential business partners, buyers and suppliers worldwide
  • Shorten sales/purchase cycle and get faster response to RFP’s
  • Manage events and online registrations

Existing Users also use BusinessVibes to:

  • Increase online exposure and drive traffic to their business
  • Develop lead list for business prospects
  • Avail deals for networking events and industry tradeshows
  • Track industry updates and competitor activities
  • Advertise their business to the network

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