SMART-BUS 8 in 1 sensor

SMART-BUS 8 in 1 sensor desde SMART-HDL

Por: SMART-HDL  28/12/2009
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Smart-HDL introduce to you the most advanced sensor technology in the world until now: the Eight in one sensor Module

8in1sensor module

Brief History

1970 Motion sensor is used for alarm system

1983 Motion sensor used for home automation

1987 Motion and light intensity companied together in 1 sensor

1999 first digital adjustable Motion sensor with microwave

2001 Digital Motion microwave and light intensity sensor

2003 the 3 in1 Module include Motion, light intensity and IR receiver

2009   Smart-HDL innovation the  8 in 1   Sensor


The Eight in one sensor include 1- Motion sensor, 2- Light intensity sensor, 3- Infrared Receiver, 4- 360 degree Infrared transmitter, 5- first dry input sensor , 6- second dry input sensor , 7 – 32 Logic Automation tables, 8- 3 zones Security support


8 in 1 Module Features:

  • Elegant, ceiling mount functional small module, all what you need for every room in 1 small module.
  • Motion sensor, PIR technology with digital range adjustable, occupancy timer, and retriggering delay time.
  • Light intensity, Light Range triggering different programming functions.
  • IR Receiver, up to 8 Infrared macro triggering from the remote control.
  • IR transmitter, 360 degree all directional IR transmitters, 250 IR code memory to control your home appliances, TV, DVD, split AC, etc…
  • 2 dry input sensor, to connect to other room sensor like door window contact, or smoke detector, that saving the wiring and programming time.
  • Automation Logic, 32 AND/OR Linking table for Automation programming to enhance the functions of all the sensor and bus devices together, with 255 programming flag.
  • Security, support 3 zones of security for it motion sensor and the 2 dry input, setting it as fire, gas, away, night zone etc…
  • Bus enabled, bus terminal to connect as 1 device in the bus network with broadcast button for its address, 8-24 VDC operated from bus network, this module designed to customize all the functions in 1 that save your time, wiring, and money.


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