HDL Touring dimmer for stage show

HDL Touring dimmer for stage show desde SMART-HDL

Por: SMART-HDL  28/12/2009
Palabras clave: Seguridad, Video, Eventos


Dear all

HDL-R12 Galaxy Series Digital Dimmer is digital intelligent dimmer with latest technology, the best user interface, high-effect heat removal system. It is reliable, stable, easy to operate, elegant, portable, and simple. There are 24ch 6KWby consisting of 4 units R6and 48ch 3KWby consisting of 4 units R12dimmersmainly used in outdoor touring show, small TV studio.


a. Dynamic pre-heat and fix pre-heat

c. intelligent fan control                    

d. DMX Signal monitoring 

e. 2*16 char LCD display                    

f. high-effect heat removal system

g. Dual standard DMX512-1990 input with isolation      

h. Sub-master and channel for temporary control


output channel12ch

output power3KW/ch

rise time: 180us

Dimming curve10

Dimming range1-100%

Dimming process 10 bit

Record/setup sub master12

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