Wipe Away Brown Spots at Spa Cielo with a Photofacial!

Por: Spa Cielo Laser & Medical Spa  21/06/2010
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So, let’s talk skin! We last talked about ways to tighten sagging skin so your face can show your youthful spirit and NOT your age!   Another issue we must deal with as we age is the effects of the sun showing up as ugly brown spots and hyperpigmentation.  to the rescue!!!!

What exactly is a ?  Well, it’s an (). And what does that mean?  It is a non-invasive and non-ablative treatment that improves the appearance of aged and sun damaged skin. The high intensity pulses of light result in improvement of brown and age spots, broken capillaries, veins, acne scars, facial redness and wrinkles.  You will likely see improvement after just one treatment, and you will see dramatic results after 4-5 treatments!

Photofacials are safe, quick and require minimal downtime.  I know, I know you are asking where and how soon can I get this treatment?!  Well, not all are equal.  The system is of the latest technology. So, watch those brown spots go bye-bye and show off your even skin tone to the world! No one will ever guess you spent all of those years in the sun!

Cathy Dammann-Fleishman is a Medical Aesthetics Practitioner and has certifications in Aesthetics, and Light and Laser Therapies. Physicians and staff are bilingual, trained and certified in the and .  has the experience you look for in a laser medical spa, with 7 years in the Los Cabos area, 4,000+ patients and over 20,000 procedures performed, is your answer to skin rejuvenation. is located in San Jose del Cabo, Plaza Los Portales, 3 floor next to McDonalds above the Spider Web Bookstore.

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