Return Home with a Fabulous Golden Tan & Healthy Skin with Spa Cielo

Por: Spa Cielo Laser & Medical Spa  21/06/2010
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Return Home with a Fabulous Golden Tan & Healthy Skin

These days everyone knows UVA rays are not good for the condition of the skin. Yet, not only are beaches as popular as ever, but there is also a steady growth in number of tanning salons. Even after all the education about dangers of tanning, for a lot of people a quick “fix” of a bronzed body outweighs the risks of a long term damage. They think that it will take “forever” before any problems are visible. But, how long does it really take to begin to see the damage?

First, appear, this happens in many cases by the mid twenties to early thirties. Then, the skin starts to loose its elasticity, by age 30 -35. It happens so slowly, that most people don’t even notice.  Yet, when you compare skin of a frequent “tanner” against that of a “non-tanner” of the same age, via a , the difference is scary. In fact, if you tan regularly, at the age of 30 you will have skin equivalent to that of a 40 year old “non- tanner”.  By the time you are in your mid 30s, you will have begun to lose elasticity in your skin. As the elastin fibers break down and collagen is destroyed, the texture of skin becomes all begin to appear. These skin conditions are all the result of lost collagen and elastin, the skin’s support system. These are all cosmetic problems, but the skin cancer risk is a real health issue—is that tan really worth it?

Does it all mean we should stay white and pasty all our lives? Not at all! , name “” by the Mexican Association of Medical Tourism, is now offering Cabo another first, the latest technology in spray tanning systems, the . Now you can have a great tan and healthy skin!

But what if I already have so much damage?, you may ask. Is it too late? The answer, is a resounding NO—it is never to late to “Turn Back Clock”.  Visit , they offer a complimentary to evaluate you current level of UV sun damage and can get you on the road to repair. 

offers customized programs for total skin and body rejuvenation: whether battling ; using the latest technologies in light and laser therapies and the newest cosmetic procedures, they will give your complexion a glowing and radiant appearance.

So, what do you do if you want to have a great tan today and healthy, beautiful skin tomorrow? Call for a complimentary appointment at 624-105-2209.

Cathy Dammann-Fleishman is a Medical Aesthetics Practitioner and has certifications in Aesthetics, and Light and Laser Therapies. Physicians and staff are bilingual, trained and certified in the and . has the experience you look for in a laser medical spa, with 7 years in the Los Cabos area, 4,000+ patients and over 20,000 procedures performed, is your answer to skin rejuvenation. is located in San Jose del Cabo, Plaza Los Portales, 3 floor next to McDonalds above the Spider Web Bookstore.

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