"Lose a Pound a Day of Abnormal Fat? Get out!" Believe it with Spa Cielo!

"Lose a Pound a Day of Abnormal Fat? Get out!"  Believe it with Spa Cielo! desde Spa Cielo Laser & Medical Spa

Por: Spa Cielo Laser & Medical Spa  21/06/2010
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Lose a Pound a Day of Abnormal Fat??? Get out!!

By Robyn Littlewood, Spa

Well folks, it looks like I may have been proven wrong again. Those of you who read my articles may be weary of hearing me tell you that there is no fast way to lose weight and keep it off.

The reason I give for this is that putting your body into a starvation state may lead to rapid weight loss but it also leads to muscle loss. This is because we still live in the bodies of hunter-gatherers who have become sitter-eaters in modern society. By virtue of the fact that we are walking on the planet today, we are efficient at storing fat.

Our ancestors had to survive seasons where little or no food was available, (either drought or winter, depending on your heritage). Therefore, when the body thinks it is going into a famine state, it will choose to eat its muscle mass as well as its fat. Since muscle mass is the ONE AND ONLY thing that truly raises the metabolic rate of your body, many rapid weight loss diets doom you to failure. Not only because you still crave bad food after the diet but because your metabolic rate will slow down due to muscle loss. Because your body wants to make up for lost time, you will absorb every single calorie you eat when you resume your normal eating habits. Hence, rapid weight loss usually leads to yo-yo dieting, especially for people with a lot of weight to lose.

Enter the HCG medical procedure for rapid weight loss, originated by Dr. Simeons some fifty years ago. Dr. Simeons called his protocol “Pounds and Inches Melt Away” and published articles and books about the miracle of HCG for safe, rapid weight loss.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin and is a natural hormone found in pregnant women. Pregnant women have loads of the stuff whereas the medical procedure uses only a very small amount for weight loss and men can use it as well. (Don’t worry guys, you wont grow breasts or start crying all the time or anything…). The natural hormone is extremely safe and has no adverse side effects.

To say that I was skeptical about this protocol would be a vast understatement. I thought it sounded completely insane, as it flew in the face of EVERYTHING I would normally recommend a client do to change their diet for permanent weight loss and health. But I was faced with a growing number of clients, (particularly middle-aged women), who had read about it or tried it and I was impressed with the results.

Earlier in the year, I had a returning client who visits Desert Spa during her annual vacation and does personal training with me every year. She also happens to be a registered nurse that works at a prestigious anti-aging clinic in the area. She had lost an incredible amount of weight between her hips and ribcage and I almost didn’t recognize her. She told me that she had been doing the HCG protocol and had lost since I had last seen her, primarily from her mid-section. What that means in a nutshell is her face was not hanging limply off of her skull and her breasts and buttocks were still intact. I was very impressed, let me tell you.

As the year went on I met more and more women and men who were looking and feeling great due to the HCG program.

Faced with a small mountain of direct evidence, I decided to try it out to see what would happen to my muscle mass as this so-called abnormal fat “melted away”. At a height of 5`5 and a fairly muscular weight of , I didn’t really need to lose any weight but my body fat was a little over the recommended maximum of 25% so I thought it couldn’t hurt me. Plus, I will not recommend anything to my clients that I haven’t tried myself to make sure there are no side effects.

When I read the required protocol more closely I started to balk. I hate needles. There was a sublingual formula available but I understood that it was not as effective as the needle method. Also, I would have to eat only 500 calories per day when I am used to about 2000. I was assured by all that I would not feel hungry because the HCG would mobilize around 3500 calories a day from my abnormal stored fat. The very restricted caloric intake and the skipping of my usual breakfast meal would put my body into starvation mode and the hormone would kick in to mobilize the fat. So the net effect would be like I had 4000 calories roaming around in my system, (an amount about double what I try to eat normally).

The calorie restricted part of the plan would only last 21 days. Then no sugar or starch for 3 weeks but that is pretty much how I try to eat anyway. I can do anything for 21 days but I still couldn’t face the needle by myself so I got someone else to poke my bum every morning with the small diabetic needle and was relieved that it didn’t hurt at all.

As promised, the pounds and inches started to melt away. I had assumed that since I didn’t have very much to lose that it would work more slowly with my body than someone with a larger amount to lose. It was not so. I started losing weight so fast that it kind of scared me. Within 10 days I was down at a meager , a weight I haven’t been since I was a teenager.

I let the scale drift up again to 132, by not following the protocol on purpose. Even though I like being very skinny, I was starting to freak out my loved ones with such a rapid change. However, the women I have talked to that are following the exact protocol are getting the promised result of an average of a pound or more a day of fat loss.

Rather than weight loss, the point of my experiment was to see what the diet would do to my muscle mass and exactly where the fat would come off my body. The four things that impressed me the most about the HCG program were this:

  1. Even though I was not doing my usual intense weight lifting routine during the program my muscle mass actually went up slightly from 30% of my body weight to 31%.
  1. The structural fat lost in my face, buttocks and breasts was minimal for such a sudden weight loss. The fat seemed to come mainly from my outer hips, upper back and abdominal area. This is important, especially for those of us over the age of 45. We don’t want to look like cancer survivors after losing weight. Weight lost quickly usually makes the face appear gaunt, with loose skin hanging down…..awful!
  1. The diet does indeed appear to kill abnormalcravings for sugar and starch, as promised. This doesn’t mean you don’t want to eat them because they are still a temptation but it is easier to stick to a healthy eating regime after following the protocol. Keeping your blood sugar stable is the master key to a longer, disease-free life, (and healthier, younger-looking skin too). Avoiding processed sugar and starch is a sure-fire way to both improve your health and to look younger too.
  1. The procedure makes you aware of how much of your eating is social, habitual and emotional. I knew I really wasn’t hungry most of the time but I still found myself wanting to eat out of habit, particularly in the evening. Social gatherings and restaurant visits were a big challenge also. However, 21 days of having to prepare your own organic food and avoid restaurants pays for the cost of the program if you tend to waste money in restaurants like I do.

In conclusion, I will definitely be recommending the HCG program to my clients who need to lose weight. Just 21 days of strict discipline could lead to a lifetime of health and wellness if you are willing to commit to a little psychological discomfort.

Now it is time for the usual lecture from me on exercise.  If you don’t do a muscle-building program either before or after this procedure, you will not get the same results that I did. Losing the fat over top of the muscle has produced a much more dramatic effect in the way my body looks and feels. Muscle doesn’t build itself people! Let’s get moving now!

The HCG program is now available at in the Los Cabos Area. is located on the 3 floor of Plaza Los Portales next to Mega and McDonalds, just above Spider Webs Bookstore . You may contact at 105-2209. If you have any other questions about HCG look up www.spa-cielo.com/hcg or if your interested in starting a fitness program contact me at or .

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