hCG Diet Comes to Mexico with Spa Cielo!

hCG Diet Comes to Mexico with Spa Cielo! desde Spa Cielo Laser & Medical Spa

Por: Spa Cielo Laser & Medical Spa  21/06/2010
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hCG Medical Weight Loss Comes to the Baja

When it comes to the weighty issue of weight loss, Spa Cielo Medical Spa, the recipient of the “2009 Best Medical Spa” by the Mexican Association of Medical Tourism, has the ultimate all-natural solution for you to embrace.   Spa Cielo has long been recognized here in the Cabo San Lucas and San Jose area for their revolutionary skin tightening with TITAN® by Cutera and body contouring procedures such as Lipotron® Radio Frequency Lipo and Endermologie for Cellulite. 

Spa Cielo is now offering a special diet plan with hCG for medical weight loss.  It strikes the fat cord of your life, answering your dreams of a slim and fat-free body that’s ready to enjoy our beautiful beaches. This innovative weight loss therapy revolves around the properties and positive effects of hCG or human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a pregnancy hormone produced by the hypothalamus and placenta in females during the early stages of pregnancy.  Apart from providing extra immunity, hCG releases fat stores to feed the baby and reduces the appetite, thus making it possible for you to follow a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) while burning your own fat. Following the results of the study of hCG hormone by British physician Dr. Albert T. Simeons, Spa Cielo, under the direction of Dra. Alma Vázquez Lomas, implements the hCG weight loss protocol. The average person requires 1200 calories on a daily basis as the minimum requirement to keep the body healthy.  The hCG allows for the caloric intake to be safely reduced to just 500 calories, with the extra calories being released by the fat stores of the body.          

As an alternative to weight loss pills, the Baja’s best and latest weight loss therapy consists of a course of daily hCG injections with a very low calorie diet that make you lose one-to-two pounds per day.  The low-calorie intake produces more energy in the person, as the body begins to use its reserve energy stored in the fat all over the body, especially in the thighs, hips and waist areas. Spa Cielo’s physicians are CERTIFIED in hCG by IAPAM (The International Association of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine).  To achieve the best medical weight loss, Dra. Alma provides a personalized program with an hCG diet plan tailored to meet your needs, under proper supervision, and with adequate support and guidance. hCG is a safe and all natural human hormone that helps both man and woman lose weight. As an added benefit and incentive to hCG patients, Spa Cielo is offering its renowned body contouring and skin rejuvenation procedures at discounts based on pounds lost.  For example, if the patient loses 20 pounds, he or she receives 20% discount on whatever services they choose, whether it’s to tighten skin or get rid of the cellulite following the weight loss, or maybe they just want a fabulous tan from the VersaSpa sunless tanning system before hitting the beach with their new body.  The discounts are valid as long as the patient maintains the weight lost. Call Spa Cielo at 624-105-2209  or visit www.spa-cielo.com/hcg.html to schedule your free body analysis, your first step toward revealing the new inner, thinner you.

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