Celebrities are Choosing Sunless Tanning to Achieve a Bronzed Body Without Damage with Spa Cielo

Celebrities are Choosing Sunless Tanning to Achieve a Bronzed Body Without Damage with Spa Cielo desde Spa Cielo Laser & Medical Spa

Por: Spa Cielo Laser & Medical Spa  21/06/2010
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Celebrities are Choosing Sunless Tanning to Achieve a Bronzed Body Without Damage

In today's society, having tanned golden skin is a must and most people are searching desperately to acquire such a trait without doing more damage than they need too, but while still looking beautiful. Celebrities everywhere are setting the trends for these beach bronzed bodies, but the truth is, in most cases there wasn't a beach involved at all. Spray on tans are a new revolutionary way to get that golden tan you've been looking for without some of the consequences sunbathing as well as tanning booths that use UV rays offer. Not only have spray on tans caught the eyes of most celebrities either, people all over the country are switching to this wonderful new way to get the perfect sunless tan and the spray tan solution is an answer to some of their prayers.

Both men and women are flocking to try this new technology and in most cases it has become a huge hit and a favorite for many people. This is simply because spray on tan takes minutes as opposed to hours of bathing in the sun, and doesn't interfere with a busy lifestyle. The best part about it is perhaps the lack of exposure to things like skin cancer that UV rays can cause overtime with ease.

in Baja California Sur is now offering sunless tanning as a way to for their clients to have a dark golden tan without causing more of the same sun damage that first brought them into the clinic. This allows the client to preserve their skin after laser treatments which were used to repair their previous sun damage.

, named “Best Medical Spa 2009” by the Mexican Association of Medical Tourism, is now offering Cabo another first, a UV-free option --the latest technology in spray tanning systems, the .  Now you can have a great tan and healthy skin!

The is a state-of-the-art system, that offers several full-body skin treatments that bronze and hydrate in less than a minute. The treatments rejuvenate and moisturize the skin while allowing you to stand in an open and airy design. 

The is equipped with easy-to-breathe purification systems, comfort dry technology and are 100% effortless, for you and your health.

The system is easy to use, offers a friendly customer service team to walk you through your first session. From there, you can customize your sessions with anti-aging moisturizer post-tan. and indulge even further with at-home care collection, providing you with the finest in products to elongate the life of your tan and protect your skin.

Tanning salons everywhere are now offering this quick and easy service as well as the availability at department stores to do self spray on tans. However, the best results are gained from professional sunless tanning rather than cheap pharmacy spray on tans that don't always last, but if you're on a budget these can be a great quick fix. Always make sure when buying a store brand spray on tan that you get ones that are streak free and waterproof, there's nothing more embarrassing than your tan dripping off of you with your sweat and it can be a big problem if you plan on taking a dip. It's also important to remember to apply evenly so that you don't have dark splotches which can be unsightly and annoying and sometimes even hard to remove.

Cathy Dammann-Fleishman is a Medical Aesthetics Practitioner and has certifications in Aesthetics, and Light and Laser Therapies. Physicians and staff are bilingual, trained and certified in the and . has the experience you look for in a laser medical spa, with 7 years in the Los Cabos area, 4,000+ patients and over 20,000 procedures performed, is your answer to skin rejuvenation. is located in San Jose del Cabo, Plaza Los Portales, 3 floor next to McDonalds above the Spider Web Bookstore.

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